Terrific Turtles – Year Round Exceptional Aquatic Programs

Terrific Turtles Offers Year Round Exceptional Aquatic Programs.
We offer Adapted Aquatic Safety Swim Lessons for individuals with Autism and other diagnosed physical and mental challenges.
We offer private certified aquatic therapy for rehab and strength building exercise programs (seniors and elderly tend to benefit greatly from this).
We offer post traumatic aquatic reintroduction lessons for any age (many moms have overcome fears through this that enable them to regain a sense of comfort to enjoy being in and around the water with their children).
Our Swim Lessons and Stand.Up.Paddleboard Lessons enable participants to gain a sense of freedom and independence through our adapted aquatic programs.
Our goal is to increase aquatic safety & swim skills and aquatic exercises for anyone age 3 years to 103 years, regardless of abilities & challenges. Private or small group of under 3 participants lessons.
Our programs incorporate & enhance global development; physical fitness, life saving and changing aquatic skills, along with aquatic kinesthetic learning that reinforces cognitive goals.
We bring the lessons to you and coordinate schedules with you one to one.


252-489-5589- Kellie Lee